Thursday, March 1, 2012

How Your Puppy's mind works

In many societies today pets are held in high esteem considered members of the family. From an early age we are, through fables, stories, movies and books. encouraged to believed the character in them can talk and think as we do. The proof of this can be heard in things many dog owner say.  Example include.: " He didn't mean to do that, " "He knows he shouldn't do that," " He understands everything I say. " Somewhere along the line we forget that our dog is not  human, and therefore doesn't think like one.

In order to successfully understand your pet, you must clear your mind of the tendency to a apply human thinking to your puppy. Instead, accept him for what he actually is- a once wild animal. A successful trainer will merely modify, or channel, your puppy's natural inclinations and behavior patterns into those acceptable in a human society. Luckily, dogs fit in very well with human families because they mirror, in many ways, the lifestyle of the wild dog's social structure- he will merely begin to see the family as his pack.

" To successfully understand your pet, accept him for what he is. "
Remember, when you take a puppy into your home you are expecting him to live by your rules, not those he would live by in the wild. Surprisingly, even today, dogs still rely on instinct more than we would expect. Making your puppy a good family member may take some time, but with patient training and plenty of tender loving care, your puppy will strive to please you.

" Dogs fit in very well with families. She will begin to view the family as her pack. :) "

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