Monday, February 27, 2012

Dogs have held a place in Human

Dogs hold a place in human history equaled by no other animal. They have worked with humans as the centuries have come and gone. However, because of your tremendous familiarity with dogs, many owners assume they know how to train them without understanding the way they think and learn. Alas, the folly of such an assumption is clear from the growing numbers of animals abandoned by irresponsible owners each year. 

There are then those owners who recognize the tremendous pleasure that can be derived from a highly trained canine. they invest a great deal of their time into studying training techniques so their dogs will fulfill single or multipurpose roles, shepherding, hunting, advanced obedience tests, rescue work, and the like. Most owners are everyday people who are true dog lovers and want a pet to share their lives with. They are responsible and want a pet that will be " man's best friend." Unfortunately, they accept a relationship that, in many areas, falls well short of what it could be if they would take the time to properly train their canine companion.

Training a puppy does not take a very long time-perhaps a few months. In that time, the cute little bundle of fun and mischief you first took home will develop into a wonderful pet that will be your pride and joy. Without proper training your relationship with your dog will be unfulfilled for both of you, as well as, at times, upsetting, embarrassing, and downright frustrating,! Just a few problems commonly seen in dogs can be corrected quickly and kindly in the first few training sessions. You will be surprised to find that a formerly unruly family member will suddenly become a model citizen. 

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