Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Consistency is Everything when you discipline you Dogs

" Today's training methods, used consistently with patience will produce a happy and well adjusted canine companion. "

Once you have determined the house rules for your puppy you must apply them consistently all of the time. If you allow even the smallest infraction to continue, unwanted behavior will surely able to shape the mind of your puppy more easily than while he's a baby. It is always much easier to prevent a problem than finding a cure although it may be difficult because you love your puppy so much, you must take action when necessary. Do not allow affection, or sentimentality, to override your common sense, or his educational needs. You must at all times, take on the role of parent. As soon as you realize an unwanted behavior is developing, act on it. The puppy must do what he's told, it is your responsibility to be sure these things are conveyed to him in a kind and consistent manner.

The Power of your Voice

" The most powerful training tool you have at your disposal is your voice. The mere tone of your voice will be adequate enough to discipline a puppy "

"Spare the rod and spoil the dog" and " You sometimes have to be cruel to be kind" two phrases that hold no place in the training of a puppy let no one convince you otherwise. Present knowledge of canine psychology finds that harsh disciplinary methods of dog training applied in the past are being relegated to history, and with good cause. Today's alternative are no less effective, and carry far less risk of negative side effects if used consistently, regularly, and with patience.
     The most potent training tool you can implement is the power of your voice. Whatever the size or breed of your puppy, it will , as a pup, be small in relation to you. This fact alone places you in a very authoritative position. The mere tone of your voice will oftentimes be adequate to discipline a puppy. During actual training sessions, restraint, correction, and your voice, will be your prime training tools.
    Your voice, in praise and admonishment, will vary in tone and volume. These subtle changes will achieve more for you than all the training aids put together. It is the most ongoing form of communication you can develop with you dog. Use it wisely and it will enable you to achieve great things with your newly acquired canine family member.

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