Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Praise and Discipline for your Puppy

Your puppy learns appropriate behavior through successes that should be rewarded with praise and inappropriate behavior thought correction. The severity of discipline applied to a puppy should be minimal - only what is required to suppress an unwanted behavior. Anything more is excessive and unnecessary. The level of discipline can always be increased, but once excessive discipline has been used, negative side effects will occur. Remember, training should be a bonding experience for your and your dog.
From the outset, you must be clear about what behaviors you consider acceptable. Failure to do this can result in confusion and problems as the puppy matures.

For example, many owners encourage a puppy to engage in a tug-of-war game with a slipper after all, you are only playing. However, what you are doing is encouraging the puppy to hold on to things and try to win the tug-of-war game.

Will you be so happy to engage in this when the pup has a vice-like grip on your shoes, or clothing? If you don not want your puppy to sleep on chairs or your bed, don't allow him to do so while he's a puppy. If you do not want him to jump up on people when he is an adult, don't encourage him to do so. This does not mean your puppy shouldn't be allowed to do "puppy things," but exercise care in what you actually encourage him to do. Encouragement is a from of praise. It conveys to the puppy that it is acceptable to this or that. Let him have his own toys- items such as a ball, or Nylabone, things he will not confuse with items you do not want him to grow up regarding as toys. Play appropriate games, but try not participate in games in which he is encouraged to bite on your clothes, body, or anything else.

 If you don't want your puppy to sleep on the furniture be sure to give him his own comfortable bed or place to go to when he wants privacy. Respect his privacy and teach your children to do likewise. If you do not want him eating a bone on your living room carpet don't let him start doing so. Take him the kitchen every time he appears in the living room with a bone; and then praise him when he settles down to eat in in the kitchen.

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