Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beginning Education

If your puppy is old enough to have been weaned and separated from his mother and siblings, e's old enough to begin his education. This does not mean formal lessons. Rather, you will be training by restraint, and by encouraging appropriate behavior. The word "No" will be well used, but should never take on a harsh tone at this stage. The fact the puppy many not appear to react o the word does not mean it isn't registering in his mind in relation to unwanted actions.  If you see the puppy doing something naughty, never rush at him. his will frighten him into running away from you, the last thing you want. Instead, walk clamly to the puppy, say "No" the lift him up at which point he will probably to wash your face, which is fine.

" A Puppy is never too young to begin his education. This does not necessarily mean formal training. At this point, you will simply be encouraging appropriate behavior."

There are several other behaviors that are important not to encourage. First, if you do not want your puppy to sleep or play on your furniture do not let him play on your lap while you are seated. Kneel on the floor. Secondly, no dog should get into the habit of jumping up.

" Do not ever encourage the development of a puppy's bad habits. Once he is a grown dog begging for food at the dinner table will not seem quite so amusing."

When the puppy attempts to jump at you step backwards so the attempt fails every time. Finally, do not feed your puppy tidbits from the dinner table, while you are having dinner. This can develop into a bad habit which, in is extreme form, results in stealing from the table. To avoid those doleful eyes and wagging tail, place the puppy in another room while you eat. The Temptation for both of you is then removed.