Thursday, April 12, 2012


All puppies love to play and should be encouraged to do so, kneel down or lay on the carpet so the pup can clamber over you, roll over, and snuggle up to you, all are important to bonding. Allow your puppy to play how he wants to within reason, but do not encourage behavior that has already been deemed unacceptable. Play should not consist of shredding paper, or rummaging in the trash bin. If these things occur, simply lift your puppy up and say "No' in a gentle but firm voice as you move him away. This is a gentle discipline involving no punishment. The word no is being used and conveys your displeasure. When playing, try to avoid overexciting your puppy this may lead to instinctual play habits such as nipping. Instantly, and softly say "No". remove your hand and bring the game to an end for a few moments. Always provide a puppy with things he is allowed to chew on, like a Nylabone so he has things to bite on during his teething period.

" All puppies love to play and should be encouraged to do so. Playing with your puppy is an important time of bonding and closeness."

Try to remember your puppy is still a baby, rough play should have its limits. Do not play roughly with the puppy to the point of frightening him. Do not hide and suddenly jump out at your puppy in order to startle him.  It serves no useful your puppy more cautious.

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  1. I love playing with my puppy. I learned a lot from your blog :D